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Rational use paper towels or baby wipes to wipe ass

2014-08-19 08:50:35

  Defecation and urination infant's more, due to the delicate baby skin, urine or if it is not timely to help the baby after the paint clean, very easy to cause skin ulcers and even red ass. The PP rub with something good?

  Tissue cheap, but often relatively dry and rough, friction is large, easy to cause the baby discomfort, and wipes expensive, but soft, with a comfortable, more suitable for baby to use.

  Some mothers would prefer a little more than with a paper towel, because inexpensive, from the baby's point of view, we recommend its purchase and use paper towels soft and delicate, like: Vader, the heart of India, these towels with them more comfortable. If you just put the baby to help wipe clean after urine is recommended to use the suction point method can reduce the friction on the baby's skin tissue.

  Some mothers prefer to use a towel to wash the baby PP, then should choose soft cotton towels, this method is cumbersome, time must be prepared PP wash well with warm water each time, but this method is the most safe and healthy.

  If conditions permit, we recommend that mothers who use wipes, wipes in addition to convenient, clean and polished, but also in its soft, baby wipes to choose special wipes, because it can not alcohol, flavors, preservatives, fluorescent agent, better use of tender baby skin. Wipes and baby wipes are divided into general population dedicated hand wipes. Normal body wipes can be used, special hand wipes mouth can reach the entrance requirements, even directly wiping babies teeth and mouth, are not adversely affected. As it is now winter, with the best before the wipes wipes gentle, so as not to let the cold stimulation to the baby uncomfortable.

  Select the time to pay attention wipes product information, including the date of manufacture, batch number, health permit number, the implementation of health standard number, content manufacturers, address, telephone, shelf-life, active ingredients, instructions and precautions. You can understand the product's quality and reliability from the side from this information.

  But not to say that all babies are suitable for use wipes, some babies with sensitive skin, there will be some kind of allergy wipes after use, then it should be replaced wipes brand baby wipes if you are allergic to multiple brands , then do not recommend using wipes, use a paper towel or towel.

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