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Red alert baby ass winter season

2014-08-19 08:50:35

  Cold, why the baby is still red ass? Summer are not ah. "Beginning of winter is over, the day temperatures down heaven, the major parenting forum newbie moms ass about baby care problems are more up.

  Pampers Parenting expert Union experts, doctors Professor Liu Yuezhang former Beijing Children's Hospital director, said the cold and dry winter weather, parents often worry about the baby susceptible to colds and into nursing errors, leading to high-fat red ass baby. And the reporter found that there was clinical statistics show that the incidence of winter baby red ass is higher than in the summer!

  Three reasons caused by high winter red ass

  "A lot of parents think that the weather is cold, the baby will not appear on the red ass, it is not true." Professor Liu Yuezhang said: "The baby's skin is particularly sensitive, thinner than adult skin, and the skin's permeability, there is no resistance to bacteria, vulnerable to external stimuli injuries, especially in the winter, reducing the number of baby bath, buttocks do not clean and care are particularly prone to red ass. "

  It is understood that the most common problem in winter cause the baby wrapped in red ass is too strict, or diapers replacement is not timely, resulting in a small ass wet, hot, airtight. Professor Liu Yuezhang said parents are most worried about is the winter cold baby, so the baby will tend to wear very thick, waist tape diapers also posted very tight, which is both easy to Le baby's delicate skin, but also easy clutching a small fart fart, causing diaper rash. In addition, many parents worry about the baby cold in the process of changing diapers, so reducing the number to change baby diapers, baby buttocks will lead to prolonged skin wrapped in a wet environment.

  Secondly, because the winter is not convenient to wear off clothes, parents are afraid the baby cold, so do not give the baby after baby stool ass with warm water, so also prone to red ass.

  In addition, the winter weather is dry, some parents ignore the ass to the baby moisturizer, because it was too dry and will appear red ass problems.

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