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Mothers care of the baby a good helper - Wipes

2014-08-09 08:50:35

  With the launch of modern medicine and goods conform therewith metabolism from time to time, the original ancestors use water to clean the baby's little ass habit has gradually been replaced by a new generation of products. At present, China has not the young woman began Infant Health Hospital Baby Skincare Wipes stop using baby skin care, it brings lunch and prevention of diaper rash effect is obvious that the majority of mothers are very pleased to withstand this new baby skin care products. Born children dermal layer of skin is thin, poor skin elasticity, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and other functions immaturity, bacterial infections and corrosive alkaline substance is sensitive to withstand the force is weak, vulnerable to stimulate the production of skin irritation, erythema, papules , rashes, ulcers and even these are rash illness. After rash onset, ranging from itching discomfort, some swelling, or showing small blisters, small pimples; weight is rendering corruption to fester, the baby will thus often crying.

  In the daily care of the baby diaper 10-14 times daily evenly, using Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes are able to wipe each one representing a net, to eliminate residues feces, urine, the baby stopped modest little ass soft, effective cleaning; while effectively nourish the skin, leaving a little ass to maintain the film, does not destroy the natural sebum on the skin. Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes proper use of every little baby, little ass to fully qualify for care.

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